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Test From Home

Test From Home (TFH) is a feature rich online platform that enables you to conduct online exams from a remote location in a simple, scalable and secure manner. The AI driven ML technology helps administer cheating proof exams in a safe and secure environment.





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About the Product

TFH is an unique exam platform developed by experienced professionals, enabling the organisations to safely conduct exams during this pandemic such that the candidates can take the exams from the safety of their homes. There are three models we propose :


In TFH, records of the exams , proctoring data are securely kept for future assessment. All types of exams like school test, internal semester etc can be conducted with TFH.


In TFH we can record as well as analyse the data of the user in real time. We can conduct mid-stake exams, mass hiring, and multiple exams of colleges/universities.


We use automated tools to analyse the user data in real time. Conduct high stake exams like entrance exam, olympiads, executive hiring.


We understand how the pandemic has impacted our lives, which surely has increased the concern of the parents and educational institutes, who are worried about the future of their children. Test From Home, our innovative solution, is the answer to all their Why’s. We have segment specific customized solution to help the user get started with tfh quickly:

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Schools -

TFH-Schools can conduct online cheating proof exams and can also maintain a whole record of attendance, marks and progress of each student. They can publish customized results as well as mark sheets for students. We support objective, subjective, fill in the blanks, true false to help create a variety of questions.

Colleges -

TFH-College can be used by colleges and universities to conduct the internal and external semester exams online and then can generate and publish customized mark sheets and results. We support objective, subjective, fill in the blanks, true false to help you create a variety of questions.

For Competition -

TFH-Competition helps institutes conduct secured and cheating proof entry level exams for students at the comfort of their home. We have advanced monitoring systems that will capture student live feed, audio, video, screen etc. System is highly secure, so it prevents the usage of unfair means during examination.

For Hiring -

TFH-Corporate can be used by offices to conduct employment assessment tests, interviews, and group discussion. This platform could be used for technical and non technical hiring in mass. One can check candidates in real time as well as auto record the monitoring for future reference.

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TFH APP Mobile
App Based Proctored Exam

Using the state of the art mobile technology, students can also give a proctored exam using our android App.


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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are used in developing the TFH platform. These features allow real time invigilation using proctored images and video capturing while keeping a real time tab on possible unfair attempts.

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TFH supports server storage facilities like AWS, where the data of the clients are saved securely and the integrity of the data is safely maintained. Also the platform allows users to conduct other exams simultaneously.

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TFH is easy to use for all types of users, be it students, teachers or admins. TFH can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

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TFH is developed keeping the users’ ease in mind, one can easily access it from their desktop/laptop (should have a webcam) and even a mobile phone.


An online platform like TFH is cost effective and progressive in the long run, know how it will benefit your organisation

Exam Centre Cost

It eliminates the cost of examination centres and other expenses related to infrastructures. Students can freely take their exams from the comfort of their home.

Monitoring Cost

Reduce proctoring cost incurred on centres, invigilation and surveillance devices as the benefits of AI Based ML Learning kicks in.

Printing and Transportation Costs

Save the cost associated with printing and transportation of question and answer papers.

Innovation In Education

Contribute to the institution's focus on enhancing candidate experience in terms of taking advanced assessments and examinations.

Advanced Assessments

Technology enabled assessments to provide a more complete and nuanced picture of candidate abilities, interest, and needs.

Eco Friendly Approach

Support the organisation's cause to reduce carbon footprint by eliminating use of paper and fossil fuels for electricity and transport.


In Cloud Version

The database will be available and accessible at our end. Server will be at our end.

In On-Demand Version

This version included only exam giving services i.e. all you need is to submit the request for, with number of students and we will make the platform ready for you.


The online proctored exam is a wide range of services that goes beyond the test-taking. Find out and select your requirements.

Online Proctored Exams for All Classes
  • Student profiles
  • Mocktest
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Online proctored annual, half-yearly, weekly, other exams
  • Generate report cards
  • Send report cards to students, parents
  • Class wise and teacher wise tests and result logs
Online Proctored Exams for Entrance Exams and Semester Exams
  • Student profiles
  • Admit card
  • Mocktest
  • Teacher/ department dashboard
  • Online proctored entrance, semester exams
  • Generate result
  • Send results to students
  • Tests and result logs
Online Proctored Exams as per requirement
  • Applicant profiles
  • Admit card
  • Mocktest
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Online proctored MCQ based or Subjective exams
  • Generate result
  • Send results to test takers
  • Tests and result logs


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