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Test From Home Services For Hiring

TFH-Hiring is a one-stop solution for all your hiring processes. This includes recruitment assessment exams, data analysis, and document verification etc. The platform is very elastic and cloud-based, which helps you conduct any number of proctored exams, at any time possible.


Easy to Use and AI-Based Proctored Exam :

TFH used for hiring purposes is also an AI-based online proctored exam. The platform provides a variety of proctored solutions based on the sensitivity of exams that can easily be handled from CRM. We have basic level proctoring to live feed and AI-based auto cheating detection, that can help you monitor and conduct cheating proof exams.

Face to face Interview:

Apart from holding the exam, customers can also conduct face to face interviews. The facility to keep the record and maintain analysis data is also available.


Technical Exam in Multiple Languages :

The platform also allows the customers to conduct technical exams in multiple technical languages.

Asset Management :

You can also manage and secure all records, documents, and data of the candidate and the hiring process. This can then be used anytime in future.


Easy to Get Started for Candidates :

The TFH platform is not only easy for the test taker but even for the candidates. Through it, candidates can take the exam safely from any place. All they need to have is an internet connection, a laptop / desktop or android mobile, and a webcam (inbuilt or external). Apart from this, no specific software is required.

Feature Rich Platform :

You can also upload candidate data through excel or APIs and along with the question papers in a variety of formats and types (MCQ, Subjective, Fill in the blanks, True-false, etc.). The question can be grouped in a bucket, which can be reused. You can connect multiple examiners or invigilators for monitoring as well as checking the answer sheet.


Candidate Shortlisting

The TFH platform can generate a candidate shortlist list based on the performance in the exams and publish the list securely on the same platform for students.

Exam Grouping and Management :

You can conduct exams in different phases, assign different groups based on the hiring profile.



Single Hiring And Monitoring Platform

You can control and monitor all hiring activities using a single dashboard in real time.

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Exam Preparation and Schedule

Through the platform, the customer can:

  • Prepare a question paper using the quick upload option
  • Manage the scheduling of exams
  • Manage schedule of the students
  • Organize proctoring.
  • Prepare results, etc.
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Programme Management

For those exams which will be held in different phases, the result preparation, quality check, examiner management, analysis, etc. can be easily done.

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Programme Management

You can also:

  • Manage students' data.
  • Manage examiner data.
  • Keep data of the result and exams.
  • Track performance and attendance of students.
  • Monitoring examiner performance.
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Training and Support

We provide real time monitoring and technical support during and after the exam. Our support include:

  • Onboarding support
  • Student training
  • Examiner training
  • Real time support during exam
  • Platform customization



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