How can I resume my exam?

Resume The Exam
  • -An ongoing test can only be resumed if the student has closed the browser window or tab by mistake in the middle of an ongoing test.
  • -In such a situation, TFH allows the test taker to resume the test from where they left off.
  • -In order to resume a test, one must be logged into the platform through the student login.
  • -A list of ongoing tests/exams is available under the Exams menu.
  • -The test taker can see the resume button in the exam which he left unexpectedly.
  • -The test taker can resume the test by clicking on the corresponding Resume button provided against the paused test.
  • -You can resume your test only if you have mistakenly closed the test window or browser or in case of any techincal snag.
  • -To resume the test you need to go to your profile in TFH and then click on the Exams.
  • -After clicking on Exams you will be able to see the list of tests available for you.
  • -Look for the test you were currently giving, there you will find a Resume button to resume the test.
  • -Click on the button and the test will resume.