What is Proctoring?

  • -The meaning of the word proctoring is synonymous with the meaning of invigilating i.e. to monitor a test taker while they are taking a test.
  • -In the context of the Test From Home platform, the essence of proctoring lies in monitoring the activities of the test taker remotely so as to observe and record any undesirable act on the part of the test taker.
  • -That means, the user's activity will be monitored during the time of test.
  • -For the proctoring to be successfully conducted, make sure you enable the webcam and microphone.
  • -Test From Home leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence based artefacts to proctor the test taker online, while they are taking a test on the platform.
  • -No other person is allowed to enter the room while you are taking the proctored exam.
  • -The lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered “daylight” quality. Overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not available, the source of light must not be behind you.
  • -You must close all other programs or windows on your testing computer before you begin the exam.
  • -Any website page other than the exam window in your course, should not be opened.
  • -You must not communicate with any other person by any means.
  • - You must not leave the room during the exam for any reason, unless posted rules for the exam specifically permit you to do so.